Observation, fauna identification

Enjoying shows such as the rut, learning on our mycological and botanical routes or photographing birds and other species of the park. Also guided for professional photographers with or without a hide.

One of the sound shows in Alto Tajo is the Berrea of the deer, we invite you to enjoy it with our activities, on the route, with stars, and with didactic workshops with footprints, sheets, antlers… Accompanied by our interpretive guides in the best observation and listening areas.


We offer activities from initiation level to children’s workshops, ornithological routes, specialized observations, or professional photography (possibility of a hide).

Thanks to the exceptional biodiversity that surrounds us, birdwatching or bird sighting is one of the activities with which we will enjoy and learn the most on the ground. 

Thanks to our guides, we offer the possibility of accessing observation points without causing any disturbance to the fauna we are going to observe.

obsevación fauna

Representative species of our environment

RAPTORS: The most representative species are rock-loving, depending on the season, we can see some migratory species.  Griffon and black vultures, Egyptian vulture, Golden eagle, Bonelli’s eagle, Eurasian eagle-owl, Peregrine falcon, Short-toed eagle, and more species on request.

FOREST AND PASSERINE BIRDS:In each type of ecosystem and season, we can observe different groups of birds, from those that inhabit the leafiest forests to those that prefer to live in riverbanks or among junipers and moorlands. Goshawk, Great spotted woodpecker, Lesser spotted woodpecker, Blue tit, Coal tit, Crested tit, Long-tailed tit, Golden oriole, Water blackbird, Fieldfare, Cirl bunting, Common chaffinch, and many more species. 

STEPPE BIRDS: The richness of ecosystems in the Molina Alto Tajo allows us to enjoy groups of birds with very different lives, such as steppe birds.  Great Bustards and their spectacular “wheels” of courtship.  Lesser Kestrels, increasingly scarce in our skies.  The Dupont’s Lark, “the invisible bird,” one of the most endangered birds in Europe and a challenge for the most expert ornithologists. 



Routes where we will learn, in a dynamic way, about the unknown world of fungi. We will get to know the different species in the area, how to identify them, curious facts, how to properly collect them, and everything that any mushroom hunter should know. A fun activity where you will take home all the collected specimens. With mushroom workshops for the little ones. 

Activity available in spring and autumn. (limited payment for mushrooms included)



20% of the Iberian flora is represented in Alto Tajo, which is of great importance in understanding and interpreting the evolution of the culture and people in the area.

Activities: Women and plants, The wonderful world of plants, Unique trees, Aromatic plants and their uses, Orchids.