Accessibility Consulting

Among the professionals in our team, we have an accessibility technician, who is also a person with a disability, who helps us daily to evaluate our activities and create new support materials so that people with disabilities can enjoy nature on equal terms.

During the mandatory shutdown caused by the pandemic, a new section of “SENTIR EL ALTO TAJO” emerged. We realized, through numerous inquiries we received about inclusion and accessibility, that most of the time in the tourism industry, we don’t serve people with disabilities well because we don’t know

70% of people with disabilities who want to travel don’t do so because of:

  • Distrust
  • Lack of facilities
  • Inadequate services
  • Unreliable information

We started our consultancy, advising, creating customized products, providing awareness and training activities so that we can move towards Universal Accessibility, where people with disabilities can enjoy their holiday destinations on equal terms.

Training and awareness:

  • Talk “My Capacity” (2 hours duration)
  • Workshop “Attention to people with disabilities” (5 hours duration)
  • Basic Course “Disability and Accessibility I”
  • Advanced Course “Disability and Accessibility II” (practical experience with people with disabilities)
  • Talk “Communicating on social media for everyone” (3 hours duration)
  • Talk “How to act in emergencies in natural environments with people with disabilities” (3 hours duration)

Consultancy services:

  • Study of accessibility needs in spaces, contents…
  • Development of action plans in accessibility.
  • Preparation of accessible documents (printed and online formats)
  • Transcriptions and adaptations to Braille.
  • Development of content in easy-to-read format and adaptation of content.
  • Creation of pictograms.
  • Creation of accessible QR codes.
  • Accessibility reports.
  • Design and creation of accessible signage in various formats (panels, signs, indicators…)
  • Creation of products for everyone:
  1. Activities and workshops.
  2. Accessible videos (with audio description, sign language interpreter, and easy-to-read).
  3. Customized solutions.

All our products are validated by people with disabilities and developed by accessibility technicians.